Photographer - Todd Oldham
Todd Oldham is a photographer, author, and designer working across many mediums. Renown in the 1990s as one of America’s top fashion designers, he is venturing into fashion again with his new project, Todd Oldham Makers Shop
Today Oldham’s quirky, offbeat manner of capturing the spirit of his subjects has put him in high demand for portraits of people as well as interiors. His images have appeared in books and magazines including InterviewL’oumo Vogue, Out, Paper, Nest, Rolling Stone, Ssense, and many more. His ongoing photo-book collection, Place/Space, celebrates extraordinary living spaces featuring celebrity homes of John Waters and others, as well as Grand Canyons Flintstone Village and Camp Nest.
Oldham is the author of more than 20 books on artists and design, including Charley Harper—An Illustrated Life, Gerald Davis, and Queer Threads to name a few. His book on Alexander Girard is to be published by Phaeton in 2023.
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